Brave on iPadOS, improvement ideas

Hello guys
I’m the happy owner of an iPad Pro, this is an incredible 13" touchscreen display
Unfortunately the Brave interface is not yet fully adapted to this size of touch display

Here is a list of pains :

  • the switch Private / Normal is too small, I always need to click again to switch back to the normal browsing
  • you dont support the refresh gesture by swinging down from the top of the page, so its also painful to refresh a tab as the refresh button is quite tiny
  • the Brave app is not yet displayed as part of the list of official browsers apps in iPad OS 14 so I still have Safari opening randomly for some links/apps, please make it a selectable browser :pray:t4:

I love Brave on a MacBook or an Android phone but tbh, the experience is only average yet using an iPad Pro, I hope you will improve it soon so everyone can switch to Brave!

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