Brave need some work to gather Apple users


I am sticked to Apple-ecosystem and using Safari as my default browser. I have been trying Brave, Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Vivaldi and even Yandex Browser, so, I think I am able to know what makes a web browser good one.

First of all, I need to mention that I like Brave, it is great one, I like the idea of paying users for showing them advertisement as it should be. But, on my side, as iOS and macOS user, Brave needs to add some features to be my default browser and probably most of the Apple users’.

1- Password manager support to iOS: There is no way to sync password system-wide on iOS like we can do with Google Chrome or Safari (iCloud Keychain). I am not fan of Chrome’s iOS sync on passwords, it won’t sync automatically and only will once you open application and wait for couple minutes. Brave should add this feature and make it better than Chrome like it did in most of the ways.

2- It shouldn’t be ‘adware’: As I said, I like how Brave earns money and gives away money to it’s users. But, it can do it by just sending notification, right? We shouldn’t see tons of ads on new tab page as cards or images. What makes Chrome popular is it’s simplicity, people don’t like to see ads on their new tab page, if they would, most of the other browsers would be much popular. I am not telling that these should be removed, I think they should be disabled by default. Pretty sure there are people enjoying them too.

3- Touch ID support for macOS: It would be awesome if we could use Touch ID to enter login information to forms like we can on Safari.

4- Better settings page: This is personal recommendation, I just am not fan of the search button on settings page, it is badly located and makes UX worse.

5- I am not sure how Brave handles password storage and sync but I feel safe when I store them on iCloud Keychain, if possible, Brave would sync these with iCloud Keychain, on Apple’s servers (on our iCloud) or directly on our devices with fully encrypted peer-to-peer, I don’t know really.

6- App Nap: It definitely needs app nap once no windows open or minimized.

7- Better sync: Everything, literally everything should be synchronized. Every setting we changed, every button we clicked.

8- Share websites: We should be able to share websites, especially with AirDrop and Handoff.

9- Reading list: We need reading list like we have on Safari and Chrome.