iOS 13.6.1 all tabs lost after update

**Description of the issue:**All open tabs lost from last session after update (circa 30 in total)

How can this issue be reproduced? It can’t afaik- history only goes back 1 week so no record of all open tabs

**Brave Version( check About Brave):**1.19.2 (

Mobile Device detailsiPhone SE Gen 1 - IOS 13.6.1

Additional Information:
Browser defaulted to DuckDuckGo after update overwriting my default browser- seems like that update didn’t save and restore user defaults. Problem reported on Github - seems like because it can’t be reproduced you guys aren’t addressing but this is basic stuff if update does system reset and overwrites user settings - very disappointing and destroys trust in browser - I’ll revert to something more reliable until addressed

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