Mobile app not automatically restoring all tabs

So my Brave Browser just crashed and I opened it back up and automatically clicked ok on the pop-up notification as many people do nowadays.
All the tabs are gone. The whole session.

The research project I was working on? Gone.
(No, I can’t just go to history, history only has the last few weeks). Months of work just disappeared.
It should just restore all tabs without asking.
Or AT LEAST have the last few sessions saved.
Just common sense.

I’ve seen people request this feature already years ago. Why exactly has it not been implemented yet?
I won’t be using the Brave browser (as much as I love the project) anymore until this issue is fixed.
It’s a huge problem and a lot of people are conditioned to automatically click ok.
Such a big irreversible decision shouldn’t rely on a pop-up notification.

I just don’t get the logic.