Invalid key for Brave Rewards

My Brave Rewards is broken on my Windows 10 computer, rewards-internals displays:
Key Info Seed: Invalid
Wallet Payment ID:
Persona ID:
User ID:
Wallet created: 1/1/1970
And if I try to press “Go to my Uphold account” it stops me because of invalid token.
I’m not really interested in the small amount of BAT in there, so I tried to restore another wallet but that doesn’t seem to work either. How can I get my rewards working again?

I’d like not to be forced to uninstall and install again, is there a set of files that I can just remove so that I can setup Rewards anew?

Seems like there’s low activity on this support site, but I’ll fill in with some more information.
This is what it looks like when I open a new tab, the button never changes:

If I try to restore the same or another wallet, nothing happens when I click the Restore button.
Similarily, nothing happens when i click the Disconnect from Brave Rewards button.

I’ve found another user with the same problem here: Brave Rewards issue "Key Info Seed: Invalid"
The thread was closed without any answers, but hopefully I don’t meet the same fate!

Hi @nollfem - yikes, I’m so sorry that we missed this! Can yo DM me the email linked to your Creator account?


Hi @steeven are you able to help me too? It was my issue that @nollfem linked to above. I am on 1.2.43 and this issue persists, still

To bring closure to this topic: I was recommended to reinstall Brave.

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