Legacy Wallet Info (Invalid)


I recently restored my wallet with my recovery key due to my computer dying. I wanted to transfer a balance to the desktop wallet from IOS however, teh scan QR gives me an error:


Connection Error:
The Brave Rewards server did not respond. please try again in a moment (1)

When i look in the “Rewards Internals” on brave on my iphone, i can see a Valid wallet and my legacy wallet which says invalid"

Key Info Seed: Invalid
Wallet Creation Date: 01/01/1970
Has Transferrable balance: Yes

Please could you advise as to how i can recover the legacy wallet funds to transfer to the desktop wallet


Anyone know what to do?


I have the same issue… been waiting forever to transfer iOS wallet🤦🏼‍♂️… any word from developers on this yet?

No update from anyone at Brave yet. They don’t seem to respond much on the forum.

@syn3rgy @DADMAN The time for transferring iOS accounts is over. It ended on 28 May after months of announcements and reminders.

I tried to do it on and off for a long time now, it always said server error🤷‍♂️

yeah… kind of think we have been “screwed” out of BAT that was in there…

@steeven Is there anything that can be done for iOS users at this point?

Sorry, just saw your other reply. I tried quite a few times before end of May and like @DADMAN , got the same issues.