Instructions for adding a Brave Search to Fennec/Firefox on android

Description of the issue:
There are no instructions for adding Brave as a default search engine to Fennec/Firefox on android.

I have attached step by step photos that may make it more convenient for whoever is currently working on that documentation. Where I clicked as I went through the process is marked with green circles.

Brave Version (check About Brave):

Operating System:

Step 1:
Click on the search bar, then select the search engine button at the lower part of the screen.

Step 2:
Got to “Search engine settings”

Step 3:
Select “Add search engine”

Step 4:
In Name type " Brave " and for the search string enter " "

Step 5:
Return to search engine settings and select Brave as the default browser
(image in the reply to this)

(looks like I’m limited to 4 images, the 5th is in a follow up post)

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Just curious, what are the advantages of this over Brave browser?

Hi Spac

I haven’t used the android version of Brave, I can comment on Firefox and hopefully someone else can comment on Brave android, both the desktop and android version of Firefox have a convenient button for choosing your search engine which is accessible while typing in the the search bar. Now I’m primarily using Brave Search with Google to get quick information on local shops and buisnesses.

The other feature I appreciate on Fennec/Firefox mobile is add ons, “Dark Reader” saves my eyes from bright web pages then there are also a few other including uBlock Origin. I am using these add ons on Brave Desktop as well.

Fennec is on F-Droid which is my preferred app store, hopefully Brave will be added there at some point.


the Brave ad block functionality is built using uBlockOrigin, as far as i know, so i think the blocking of intrusive stuff is going to be about the same on Brave Android as it is on Firefox Android.

I also miss the DarkReader extension on android–particularly at night–but it is also better not to be reading on the phone late in the evening :wink:

Brave Android has an experimental dark mode that you can activate though it is not as good as DarkReader.

thanks for sharing the process for adding the Brave search engine to Firefox. i’m sure a lot of folks will appreciate that.