How to get auto suggest in address bar of another browser when using Brave Search

So, in e.g., Opera or Vivaldi I can set up Brave Search and access it from the address bar, but I can’t get auto suggest that way (which I can if I go direct to the Brave Search page).

The string I use is:

Is there a way of doing this?

Description of the issue:

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Hi and welcome to the community. :slightly_smiling_face:

I really don’t know anything about this, just curious to know if the auto-suggest option is enabled in the settings of whatever browser you are using.

Also, just to clarify, Brave Search is selected as the default search engine in the settings of whatever browser you are using. Did I understand correctly?

Well, in Opera they have a number of built-in search engines that can be made defaults. But if you add any new ones they can’t be. You can paste in a url so they are accessible from the address bar but there’s no way of controlling anything else. With the built-in search engines they seem to have multiparameter urls, which I assume must be adding the auto-suggest.

In Vivaldi, unlike Opera, I can set Brave search as default but I still don’t get the auto suggest.

OK, thank-you. Why can’t you just turn auto-suggest on in the settings of whatever browser you are using and then just use the page? Why doesn’t that work?

I can just go to but searching in the address bar is more convenient. So it would be nice to get the same features there.

For example, right now, my default search engine in Opera is DuckDuckGo. From the address bar I get autosuggest as expected.

I’ve hooked up keyboard shortcuts for alternative search engines. So if I want to do a comparison with Google I can focus the address bar with F6 and type “g search expression.” Or I can Ctrl+T to open a new tab and with the cursor in the address bar type “g search expression.” In both cases I get Google auto suggest invoked. Same with Bing using “b search expression.”

For Brave Search I’ve set up “r search expression” but I don’t get auto suggest. But I do on the Brave Search page or in the address bar in the Brave browser itself.

Seems like a minor thing but these little details matter to me. :slight_smile:

Ah, ok. Thank-you for taking the time to explain it to me! :smiley:

I wish I could help! Hopefully, someone with the knowledge to help will respond.

I just tried adding it to Microsoft Edge. Same result. Maybe when it reaches 1.0 it will “auto-magically” work? :slight_smile:

Of course, I can just use Brave (which I have installed). However, I like options and Brave needs to be able to present just as good an experience to those for whom Brave is not their default browser.

I’m one of those who occasionally switches from my default browser depending on the task - since I find that no one browser is superior to all others in every aspect. So I have multiple browsers installed on my desktop.

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lol too funny. I do love it when that happens though. :laughing: