Installing never works

Hello Community.

Downloaded the BraveBrowserSetup (win7 64bits FV/PV:

Run the app
Download ended successfully
Installation started… then

Already delete all files installed and tried again (more than 3 times)… and always same error.
Also tried the beta… same error.

Thanks for reaching out.
Do you have any instances of Chrome running during installation?

No. I don’t use Chrome.

Open task manager and ensure there are no other Brave processes running in the background or any other chromium-based browsers running in the background – may be best to do a restart and then try.

I’ve tried the install with nothing else running (browser/explorer/programs/etc) just the Brave installer.

I’ve looked in the folders of the unfinished installation for log/error files but there is nothing.

I’ve never installed Chrome neither Brave so there can’t be those processes running in the “dark”.

Are you using a VPN connection or any AV software?

No VPN. Yes Firewall and AV.

I had to turn off EVERYTHING for the installation to occur!

I don’t believe this is a very good way to perform an installation that requires active internet connection.

At least try to provide an off-line setup installer.

It’s done…

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Offline installers can be found on our github repo:

Would you mind telling me what AV you’re using?

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Using 360 Total Security

Went there (github) but was probably looking with the eyes closed!!!

Good to know there is such a thing as an ‘offline installer’.


What is that… sarcasm, or actual “good to know”?!

Here you go!
You’ll want to install one of the “Standalone” setup files as shown below:

Thanks Mattches!

But as I said above, after turning everything off - except the OS - the online setup worked!


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I’m an old lady, granny and it is good to know that there is such a thing as an ‘offline installer’.
It is wonderful to discover all these things that advanced users take for granted. :dancer: Because I remember from a while ago, years maybe, that I was worried when installations wanted me to be online with my AV disabled. Then, I wouldn’t know what to do and I would panic.
Now I know that there is an answer. I will still have to take the time to try it sometime though.
I hope my answer here sorts your question.

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