Brave offline installer that actually works

I am having a real pain with this browser, and i’m also almost giving up and looking for others. I got interested in Brave as Chrome makes my PC very slow and overloads my CPU, i found Brave, but every single attempt to download it fails. If i try with the online downloader, it will simply say “Download failed” or “Setup found error 112”, if i try with the offline or pre-installed downloaders it just straight up sends me an error telling me to use an CMD command, so, is there ANY kind of pre-installed Brave that actually works? Because if not i won’t waste as much time hoping for a single browser when there are options such as Opera GX and others.


I guess i don’t need help now, found an Brave Portable and it actually works, but its still surprising how their official downloader is just terrible at doing its task. Thanks if you read this and have a nice day.

It isn’t bad at doing it’s task. This is completely an issue on your PC’s end, locally.

NO, it’s a thing I can't download BRAVE!

This is an old issue, That was fixed.

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