Browser install hanging on "Downloading..."

I heard about this browser and I’d like to switch, but it’s refusing to install. Essentially, I download the file, I open it, and it just hangs on “Downloading…”

I’ve whitelisted it on my firewall, and it still hangs. It connects to the Internet, but it just sits on “Downloading…” while nothing happens. I’m not sure if this is a problem (I was using Microsoft Security Essentials/Windows Defender before).

I’m on Windows 7, if that matters. I’d love to use your browser on desktop, but it’s hard to when the thing doesn’t want to download.

@smeezus Thanks for reaching out!. Is your machine 32 bit or 64 bit? which installer you are trying to download. from where ( which website) you are downloading brave?

Are there any brave processes already running in your machine. Can you please provide all these additional info. We will try to help you out.

Also, you can check the below post, where in you can find bunch of workaround to insatll and setup brave on Windows 7. If nothing works, please revert back.


64-bit for the 64-bit installer. I’m downloading it here. No Brave processes running at all.

@smeezus Thanks for additional info. Are you facing the issue still or it got resolved? If you are facing the issue still, please revert back.


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