Installing extensions from chrome web store without signing in

Is installing extensions from chrome web store without signing in allowed?

Of course, Brave is built using Chromium code but do I need to go through chrome/google terms and use etc?

You can install plugins by downloading the package then loading it to Brave (need to turn on dev mode) or make a throwaway google account.

I don’t recall ever having to sign in to use the chrome web store. Do you have screenshots which show otherwise?

I don’t have screenshots but I do recall that I was asked to sign in for installing (not downloading) a chrome extension (one or more times). As of now, I tried installing some extensions using chrome browser and brave browser. In both cases, I wasn’t asked to sign in.

I am not sure why I was asked previously to sign in, whether some extension required sign in or it was chrome web store’s policy that time or something else.

Here is one discussion related to this:

Let’s say there is a policy of chrome web store or a particular extension in the future and it would require a sign in to install chrome extension(s). In that case, Brave users and even Brave browser developers would have to adhere to that policy because even though I am running a browser built on chromium code, I am still using chrome web store. Am I right?

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