Installed Brave, no ads, no BAT

I installed brave a couple of days ago, and so far I have received no ads or BAT at all.
I have researched and trouble-shot as much as I can, but no luck yet.
I may mention things that might not be relevant, but want to provide as much info as possible.

After installing Brave on Windows 10, I straight away imported my Firefox bookmarks.

I have gone through
and made sure all those settings are as shown.

Forcing notifications work fine, via

I am in Australia, a supported region, and looking at
there are definitely ads being pushed in my region.

I have set my DNS to

I do not have a verified wallet, due to “You need to have minimum 25 BAT to create an Uphold account. Please try again later.
If you already have a verified Uphold account, continue to login.”

There is no VPN running.

I don’t think there is anything in the router blocking things, though I am open to suggestion.

Honestly, I am at a loss, and would love some help.

Hello @teamjunk

check this one

also make sure to turn off focus assist off

do you have gaming mouse?

hope that help and have a nice day :slight_smile:

Fair point with your quote. I would still expect to get an ad here or there over time. Maybe I will in the future? If after a week, or 2 weeks, would that be something to question?
However I see other people that change options, and INSTANTLY start receiving ads within minutes.

Why does what sort of mouse I have, have to do with anything?

I HAVE HAD MANY ADDS NO BAT… think Brave Is going under


check this one also

it has extra details than the link i mentioned earlier

and it also explain the issue with some of the gaming mouse
as some gaming mouse keep report that the mouse is active not ideal and the ads system does not show up ads while user in full screen mode or playing media or the mouse is active as the system think the user is playing or something which could be bad experiance if the user get ads while he/she focus on game

hope that help and have a nice day :slight_smile:

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Please pay attention to the topic. This is not relevant to this discussion.

Very interesting. I will look into this further over the next day or 3.
However, I think it is unfortunate that such a seemingly small/irrelevant issue, like full screen or mice etc, would cause the entire concept to stop working.

I will do my best to respond after more testing over the next few days.

Thanks for your replies!

those are not issue they intended to do so

imagine someone playing a game in full screen on the browser and suddenly ads show up and hide part of the screen

or someone else watch movie or watch something like online course and that ads show up that would be not good experience

and you very welcome

So I do not have Brave running in full screen mode. The gaming mouse issue seems to be related to Roccat products? I am using a Corsair mouse.
After another day or 2, I am still yet to see an ad.
Help from anyone would be greatly appreciated.

as long as it gaming mouse then it the same issue

try this

Ok! Figured it out!

So with the last info @ justsomeone1 sent, “(Windows screen saver was never working because actually Roccat’s driver tells your computer that you’re always active even when you don’t use your mouse)”, it triggered my process. That quote made me realise that my screensaver wasn’t kicking in, and hadn’t been for a long time.
I didnt think it was related to my Corsair mouse, as it is a commonly used mouse, compared to Roccat mice. I could find no info about Corsair mice creating issues.

While speaking to a friend, we were talking about input devices, He asked if my controller was plugged in. I use a Playstation 4 controller (DS4). It is plugged into my PC via USB.

After disconnecting my DS4 controller, my PC would trigger a screen saver, as determined via the Power & Sleep settings within Windows 10. I was able to prove that screensavers WOULD occur when the controller was disconnected from the USB cable, but would NOT occur when it was plugged in.

After disconnecting the USB cable from my DS4 controller, I started receiving ads and BAT.

Speculation: The DS4 controller being plugged in via USB was triggering Brave into thinking I was in game, and blocking ads. Once the cable was removed from the controller, ads started being fed through. I am currently at 8 ads, over the past few hours.

@ justsomeone1 Thank you very much for your help! While you might not have had the answers, your help put me on the path to resolving the issue! Please add this info to your knowledge base, hopefully it will help someone else! <3

tl;dr Unplug your Playstation controller from your PC, get BAT.

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you very welcome @teamjunk

and thanks for the details info i will mention @Mattches @tmancey from the team to check this also
the PS controller has the same effect as the gaming mouse

and have a nice day for everyone :slight_smile:

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