Not receiving ads unless logging out and in from Windows session

Description of the issue: I don’t receive any ads notification on Brave desktop (Windows 10) unless I log out of my session (shortcut WINDOWS + L) and I log back in. Then, I will receive 1 ad.
Please note that the mobile version of Brave on Android is working perfectly well.

Expected result: I should receive Ads notifications while browsing, but I don’t. Only when I’m manually logging in my Windows session

Brave Version( check About Brave): 1.15.76

Additional Information:

Hello @Hairy_Helicopter

i know you receive ads but could you follow this link to make sure that everything configured correctly

hope that help and have a nice day

Hello @justsomeone1 !

I’ve double checked and everything is correctly set-up. I thought at first that it might come from the Focus Assistant but actually it’s properly configured. Looking at the forum it seems like I’m far from the only one to get that issue.

Thanks for trying though !

that’s wierd i never read anything like that here

so let me ask one of the team to help you @tmancey

please notice it still weekend so it wil take time to get a response

and have a nice day both of you


I aso not seeing any ads on my android phone with latest version of stable brave

Hi. I work on the ads team at Brave and was wondering if you would you be willing to screen-share so we can diagnose the issue? If so, can you please reach out to Thanks, Terry


Sure, sent you a mail. Hope it will solve the problem and I’ll post the solution on the forum!

UPDATE: After having a scree-sharing session with @tmancey it appears that my gaming mouse (a Roccat Tyon) was actually causing the issue. I suppose it is a problem with the Roccat Driver and not Brave Browser because I also had other issues with this mouse (Windows screen saver was never working because actually Roccat’s driver tells your computer that you’re always active even when you don’t use your mouse).

If you have the same problem, to solve the issue:

  1. Go to your “Windows Device Manager”
  2. Go to “User Interface Device”
  3. Right click on “HID Game Controller” and click “Deactivate the decive”
  4. You might also have to deactive a “Virtual XInputer Device” depending on your Roccat mouse.

The issue should be solved!

Have a nice day!


@Hairy_Helicopter Thank you for taking the time to screen-share and I am glad we could resolve the issue for you. Thank you for looking into the drivers and finding a workaround.

  1. Why are they causing issues?
  2. Is there a list of affected devices?

@talgeeze The drivers for these devices are reporting activity. Please see other posts such as

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