Brave on Android great, but impossibly slow on Windows

I am really greatly impressed by my experience using the Brave browser on an Android device. I use it there daily.

That being said, I am greatly disappointed by the performance of the Brave browser on a computer running the Windows operating system. It seems to take the better part of a minute to start up and become usable. The delay to open the window is too long, and once the window is opened it displays a blank page (no decoration, no tab bar, no controls bar, just a blank screen) for a long time. I commonly use the Firefox and Vivaldi browsers on my computer with no such issues, so I know the issue is not an underperforming computer. I timed that startup once, though I know that a single data point may not be representative of overall experience, and found it took about 26 seconds to bring up the blank screen and a total of about 47 seconds for the browser to become usable.

Once the Brave browser starts up and I start browsing I again notice performance issues. The Brave browser, compared to the others takes what seems to be an order of magnitude longer to open a new tab and switch between tabs. I timed tab switches as taking around 6 and 10 seconds on the two occasions that I timed.

Using the Windows Resource Monitor, specifically the “Disk” tab I see lots of disk access by brave.exe processes and I see an excessively high disk queue length.

Unless and until an update greatly improves performance on Windows, the Brave browser on my computer will be my browser of last resort, used only to check that web site issues are problems with the web site and not something browser-specific.

Nevertheless, the Brave browser on my Android device will continue to see daily use. I only wish that performance on my computer matched performance on my smartphone.