Initial Google search page history and auto-fill is not working

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  1. Something has happened with my Brave installation such when I go to Google and click on the search box, I no longer get the history of my previous searches. Also if I start typing something, I no longer get suggested completion recommendations. This use to work. It continues to work with all the other browsers I have on my Windows PC (Chrome, Edge, FireFox). I tried disabling Shields and that did not make a difference. If I proceed to type something and search for it, the search box moves to the top of the page with the results below. Now if I go to that search bar and delete what I searched then I can see my history and auto-fill works if I start typing something. So something strange is going on with the initial Google page but seems to clear up after I do a search. Any suggestions on what I can look at in the Brave settings to clear my problem?

Expected result:
Get the search box in Google working again in regards to history and auto-fill.

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