Google autocompletion/suggestions not working

Brave 1.38.111 on macOS 12.3.1 (Apple M1): Google autocompletion/search suggestions don’t work.
Please note that I just installed Brave on a brand-new Mac without touching any default settings, therefore the bug, which appeared on the previous stable version, does not depend on messy profiles/settings etc.



Try this. I have W11.

Open brave://settings/appearance and check as in image.

It doesn’t work anyway.

The bug persists; Brave v. 1.39.111.
(on a brand new Mac too, where I installed Brave first)

This issue persists for me on v. 1.39.122 on Windows 10

Try enabling “Autocomplete searches and URLs” in the “Privacy and Security” section. Works for me now. Got the suggestion from this thread

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