Autocompletion/Autofill doesn't work as intended on Brave

Description of the issue: Autocompletion/Autofill doesn’t work
How can this issue be reproduced? If you go to Google, Duckduckgo, YouTube and search for something, it doesn’t save your latest typed words.

  1. Access Google, Duckduckgo or YouTube
  2. Search for something
  3. Check your latest search by typing again in a new tab
  4. Your searches won’t come up, neither will be shown. It also doesn’t autocomplete by typing, e.g. you’ve searched for “how to make ice-cream” on youtube, if you type “how to…” it doesn’t autocomplete your latest search, so you need to type it all again or check the history.

Expected result: I expected to see my latest searches saved, especially on Youtube.

Brave Version( check About Brave): V1.25.68

Additional Information: All other browser like Firefox, Opera saves or/and autocomplete latest searches, nicknames, logins etc. Brave does not.
PS: Same happens both on Windows and Linux.

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