Inform user about changes!

I really hate when software updates itself, without giving a detailed feedback on why such update was necessary, what bugfixes have been applied, features added and stuff like that.

For me, this is very rude if the authors don’t give me any feedback. What makes me mad even more is that user has to google for it, because such information is not even available in Brave directly (eg. “About Brave” dialog).

Mind informing your users on stuff you do, don’t think all of your users are obedient weasels that allow for everything you throw at them.

I’m really emotional about this, because a feedback from the software authors is really essential for me. Especially in the times where you can barely trust any software maintainer at all, because sooner or later they try to use their users for something shady. If not given, I’m motivated enough to move to a different browser that respect their users.

Thank you

Since Brave is open source, I believe you can find all changes here:


Hi @s00k - you can also view all changes at -

Well, I know where I can find the latest changes now. I said I had to google for it. IMHO it’s a very bad user experience not to let your user acknowledge what was just installed on their machine. Like, Opera & Firefox opens a new tab when update installed. Firefox even has a special option to display latest changes:

In addition, it’s configureable to display them at the home page

It is also configureable to open a new changes tab after each update.

So please, mind thinking about your user experience more seriously. You have plenty of “Brave extensions” I simply disable, so you can add another that loads your github/your own website in an iframe/webview on dropdown, as simple as that!

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