Feedback Button

Can you add a setting where we can give quick feedback on Brave, like Edge or Chrome browsers?


It may be less convenient but the best place to leave this kind of info is here on our Community website. Additionally, if you turn Shields off on a website (because they are causing issues with it), you can click the Report a broken site to automatically send debug data to the team help us fix websites broken in Brave.

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What you stated is exactly the problem though. Having to join a community forum and post feedback in it is an incredibly inconvenient and unnecessarily cumbersome way for users to have to communicate feedback. Other browsers have a quick and convenient way to provide feedback. Brave doesn’t. Why? Can we expect some kind of feedback button to be added to future versions of Brave?

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You can likely expect additional ways to provide feedback to Brave about the browser in future releases. However, we prefer to troubleshoot/resolve/discuss issues here on Community so that other users encountering the same or similar issues can benefit from the discussion.

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