Incorrect Timestamps Displayed in Actions Across Multiple Websites Using Brave

Description of the issue:
Actions on the internet that utilize timestamps, such as starting a timesheet or writing a comment, display incorrect times (e.g., “in one hour” or a timesheet showing negative one hour) even though my computer’s clock is correct. This issue has been persistent across multiple websites.

Steps to Reproduce (add as many as necessary):

  1. Open the Brave browser and navigate to a website where actions involve timestamps (e.g., a comment section or a timesheet application).
  2. Perform an action that generates a timestamp (e.g., post a comment or start a timesheet).
  3. Observe the displayed time or timestamp relative to the actual time.

Actual Result (gifs and screenshots are welcome!):
The timestamps associated with actions are consistently incorrect, displaying times like “in one hour” or showing a negative one-hour difference in timesheets, despite the computer clock being set accurately.

This is commenting on GitHub:

Expected result:
Timestamps should accurately reflect the actual time or duration based on the system’s current time and time zone settings.

Reproduces how often:
This issue occurs consistently across multiple web platforms and after restarting the browser and computer.

Operating System and Brave Version(See the About Brave page in the main menu):

  • Operating System: Windows
  • Brave Version: v1.62.162

Additional Information:

  • My computer’s time, date, and time zone settings are correctly set.
  • The issue persists even after clearing the browser’s cache and cookies.
  • No browser extensions are believed to interfere with time settings.
  • My region observes daylight saving time, and settings are configured to adjust automatically.

Looking for guidance on resolving this discrepancy, especially if there are known issues or settings within Brave that might affect timestamp accuracy across web applications.

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