Inconsistent success rate, at receiving small payouts, between Linux and Android

I noticed that several threads already exist, from users of the Brave Web browser, having problems claiming the BATs which were to be paid out on midnight after December 7, 2021. Most of the threads simply seem to suggest, that one payout or another did not succeed. I’d like to ask a related question, which could reveal some underlying problem.

Personally, I just started using the Brave browser for Linux, this past November, and liked it so much, that I also installed the Android version on two Android devices.

Because I live in Canada, I realize that it would become difficult for me to receive any cash from the Uphold exchange - there might be some issues in bank connections - but, there is presently no issue with bank connections from Canada to the Gemini exchange. So what I did was, to verify my Linux / Desktop -based wallet with Gemini, but to verify my two Android -based wallets an Uphold account, both of which I created before doing so. Hence, my two Android devices’ wallets are verified with the same Uphold account, that does not transfer money into Canada.

When December 7 came and went, the payout of the desktop version of Brave to my Gemini account seemed to succeed - for a notional value less than one dollar.

But, within the same few days, no payout seemed to land on my (active) Uphold account, from my two Android browser instances. Those devices would have generated a payout even smaller than the one I did receive.

The thought occurs to me, that the cause of this problem may have nothing to do with the Brave software as such, but rather, with the possibility that for the smaller payout, the fee which was being paid to Ethereum miners might just have been too small.

I previously had no experience with Ethereum or BATs, only with Bitcoin. But with Bitcoin, one problem that can happen is, that the sender can be just a bit too stingy in the Fee he offers, and that his transaction just seems to linger for many weeks - until there is a lull in transactions, at which point the miners will decide that even to earn small fees, is better than not to earn any.

My question really is, What is the Brave Software policy on Fees? Is it a flat rate of 1%? If it is, then this might explain why a payout worth less than $ 0.20 just never seems to land. Or, is it to pay BAT 0.005, but to defer payouts of amounts lower than BAT .505?

You see, losing a payout of BAT ~0.2 really means very little to me. I did get my payout of BAT 0.5 . I’d just like a better comprehension of how this little corner of the system works.

Thank you in advance for any answer,

I’m sorry to bump this thread. But it’s also completely honest that today, on the evening of December 9, less than an hour after I posted this question, I also received my waiting BAT 0.250 (to the Uphold account). What that really does is answer my question.

I hope that other readers might find it helpful.


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dude :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:, I can’t imagine how you felt at that moment. specialy seeing how detailed is your post, it must have taken you some time to write it

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