Inconsistent behaviour when using kwallet

I am using kwallet as my default password manager. After booting and running my system network manager requests password from kwallet so I do not have to enter WLAN password. Same should happen with brave, but brave keeps asking for kwallet password, no matter if kwallet already opened or not. It also does not store brave password in kwallet, although kwallet indicated it has stored a password folder for kwallet.

Scenarios, steps to reproduce:

(1) Boot up system.
(2) kwallet launched automatically after boot.
(3) network manager requests access to kwallet and receives pw for WLAN.
(4) Run brave browser. Brave requests access to kwallet, so I enter kwallet password. Brave requests access to kwallet a second time to get access to Google login (I have a Google account).

(4) Should only be done if:

  • kwallet was closed and needs password to be opened again AND there is no brave password stored in kwallet. There is a folder for brave in kwallet, but it is not used (0 entries).
  • 2nd entry for password should not be required, as kwallet was opened after first password entry and opened, and set to transfer passwords automatically after login into kwallet.

While it is possible to open kwallet manually (enter its password to do that) and then run brave, brave will ask for kwallet password OK, but password is not stored in kwallet. Thus, next time passwords both for brave and Google login will be requested from user again.

(4) After entering password for opening kwallet no pw request should be seen afterwards again as all pw requests are covered and satisfied by kwallet (kwallet needs to be set up so that it will send pw automatically on request by programs). If kwallet is already open no pw request from brave should be seen at all.

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