Disabling Kwallet for brave

Description of the issue:

I’d like to disable Kwallet for brave so that it does not pop up kwallet related pw demand window when I launch brave. I read I need to append “–password-store=basic” to the launcher but I’m not sure where to put it. I’m using KDE plasma desktop environment and launch brave in the standard KDE launcher. Should I just add --password-store=basic at the end of the command in the launcher?

Another related question, if I do not use kwallet with brave browser, would my passwords be stored in plain text on my computer, or it’s encrypted by the BAT wallet seed or some sort?

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You can test Brave by giving this command in konsole like this:
raija@kone3:~> brave-browser --password-store=basic

Or you can can edit command in brave launcher like this:
/usr/bin/brave-browser-stable %U --password-store=basic

If you don’t want to use Kwallet at all you can disable it in KDE System setteing.

To disable the KDE wallet:

  1. (1) go to the KDE menu.
  2. (2) Type wallet, this will show KWalletManager .
  3. (3) Goto settings.
  4. (4) Uncheck "kwallet system active" .

This will disable the kwallet subsystem.

Hi, could you give instructions how to permanently set

The screenshot you posted seems to be in Finnish, and I can’t figure out what window you are showing, and how you opened it. In any case, my goal is to set that parameter permanently.


Sorry, I do not have English system but let try…

Open the brave icon with the second mouse button and select properties. And then the applications. The menu in question should now appear.

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