Access O/S user wallet

Why does Brave keep trying to access the operating system user wallet (kwallet) at application launch? What would this accomplish (Firefox never asks for this)?


Hello Lance. Try going to Settings-Autofill-Payment methods-

Hope this helps and welcome to brave.

If you’re unfamiliar with KWallet, the reference is below.
(Firefox won’t use it, which is why you don’t see the pop-up).

Some KDE-based distros have KWallet enabled by default … some don’t … if you don’t use KWallet, you might want to disable it.

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Good documentation on this is hard to find. So, here is how, in Linux or any related O/S:
Open /usr/bin/brave-browser and/or /usr/bin/brave-browser-stable in a text editor.

Scroll all the way to the bottom of the file. The last line should look like:
"$HERE/brave" "$@" || true
Change that last line to:
"$HERE/brave" --password-store=basic "$@" || true
Save the file.

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