In pending payouts ,its showing to me USD(All currency) Unavailable

Its been my 2nd month using brave browser , waiting for my BAT Tokens to get in my publisher account …i have 57 BAT Tokens in my wallet but from 1 month it is showing me, all of the Currency unavailable (USD,INR etc) kindly check and try to reply as soon as possible that why it’s showing unavailable to be & how can i overcome through it …Help! Thank you… waiting for your response.IMG-20190925-WA0015

Hi @Anil_Sahu,

Welcome to community! You’re all set to receive your BAT as a part of the next payout scheduled for October 8th.

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@Anil_Sahu did you have USD card on your Uphold account?

Still it is showing me unavailable but hearing that my payout will be successfully scheduled to October 8th make me feel better and relax …hope so it works as you said …

Thanks for replying me steeven​:+1::heart_eyes:

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