In Opera, they have alt-tab for prior viewed tab; I can't find the equivalent in Brave

In Opera, they have alt-tab for prior viewed tab; I can’t find the equivalent in Brave. They have the ability to flip back to prior visible tab or prior closed tab, but not prior viewed tab. It’s very frustrating not being able to flip back to what I was last seeing. I’ve tried the shortcuts in Brave help, it appears they have nothing for this.

Thank you! I enabled Cycle Through, and tried both suggestions. Ctrl+Tab is superior. But it does not exactly act like Opera. Hitting Ctrl+Tab twice in Opera gets you into a infinite loop between the prior last viewed tab and the current tab, pressing it multiple times, you stay on one or the other page. In Brave, it works for the first Ctrl+Tab, but pressing it again, it goes to another page entirely. It cycles through a list of pages, hitting these two keys repeatedly. I did find a solution though. Use Ctrl+PageDn, then you flip to the prior viewed page, hitting Ctrl+PageUp, takes you back to the prior viewed page then. The two together act as a toggle switch. In Opera, it’s Ctrl+Tab acts as a toggle switch. I can live with the difference. Thanks!

I wonder what the solution is for SPACE+Tab in order to search all tabs (regardless if in the same window or not), which Opera supports.

works! it’s the same as CTRL+SPACE in Opera!
Super thanks!

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