Close tabs quickly, Alt + left click

Good afternoon brave team, before brave I used to use opera, opera has an implementation of closing tabs pretty comfortable, just pressing Alt + left click on the tabs you wanted to close. It is quite comfortable when working with multiple tabs open.
When working with enough open tabs:
The size of the tabs decreases when working with enough, when you want to close a tab you must first click to select it, and then click on the x to close it. Something that is annoying to want to close one or more tabs without changing the current tab.
I have tried the keyboard shortcut Control + W, but it is the same process, first select window and then use the shortcut to close.
The functionality that is integrated into opera facilitates this, and is quite comfortable.
While we remain in the current tabs (in Opera), we can use the Alt+ Left click shortcut to directly close the window we want, without having to change the current tabs in which we are.
Thank you for your attention.

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Yes, Opera does that nicely. Vivaldi, better than that I think, allows one to close a tab by double-clicking it. I would like either one of these to work in Brave.

One thing you can do in Brave, though, in the meantime is Ctrl-click all the tabs you want closed and then press Ctrl-W or right-click and close tabs. If all the tabs you want to close are consecutive adjacent tabs, you could simply just click the tab on the far left/far right and then Shift-click the tab on the other end of that group of tabs and finally press Ctrl-W or right-click and close tabs.