Idea for devs : Double-click creates a new tab

Hi everybody.

I am a convinced user of Brave Browser and I almost left Firefox.

I really appreciate the recently added vertical tabs management in the interface.
However, when there’s not much tabs in use, the zone under them is (actually) empty and useless.

Of course, the lower button allows to create a new tab. But it may also be far far away with big screens/displays and the button eventually has to be “precisely targeted” with the mouse.

Maybe we could allow a double click in the part of the zone that is free of any tab in order to create/open a new tab?

Maybe somebody thought about it already. Or maybe you have other projects or received suggestions for that zone.

But, just in case, that could be a nice function to be added. Eventually activated through params if it does not satisfy all users.

Many thanks for the good job on that browser. That’s a very good one.