Opening links in new tab in vertical tabs mode

The most helpful thing about tabs is that you can drag a link on the tab bar and open a new tab. That feature doesn’t work in Brave’s vertical tabs mode. (It does in Microsoft Edge).
Please fix that. Also, the vertical tabs look a little clumsy with themes. One final bit is, I can’t even see what tab I’ve opened while I’ve minimized vertical tabs. All I see is a big cross! Why is that!? the cross should come only when I hover over the tab. Please fix that.

Although I would say I wanted the vertical tabs thingy for a long time, even thought I should switch browsers. Good thing they introduced this feature. But I guess I will stick to horizontal tabs until the vertical tabs feature is improved.


Exactly that is what I am using everyday. Tried to get used to vertical tabs, but not being able to drop a link on made me switch back.


Now it is working as expected.

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I think so, brave should have done that since it’s one of the most featured browsers in this game. Edge has done that, it saved time and was very convenient. Please Braveeeee…