Move the new tab button up on vertical tabs

Having the New tab button on the bottom just doesn’t work for me. I like how edge has it under all the tabs so I don’t have to move my cursor across the screen


I just use the keyboard shortcut CTR+T.

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Edge New tab button literally moves down every time you have a new tab, that’s terrible UX, because every time you open a new tab you have to move your mouse lower and lower… how is that a better UX than what Brave did?

In Brave, you don’t have to think where the button is, you just move your mouse to the same place and it will create a new tab always.
I am sure that’s the way they thought about it, because new tabs button was always below the latest tab, like Edge was, and then in the new polished UI they decided to put the button at the bottom.

But just to explain it better, open 10 tabs in Edge vs 10 tabs in Brave, in Edge, first you need to look where the last tab is, then move your mouse there, then wait for the button to go down on every new tab to open, which means you keep lowering your mouse more and more, until it is full and then the button is placed at the bottom.
In Brave, you just click 10 times in the same corner… done.
But obviously, not using keyboard shortcuts is going to be slower, Nightly allows you to customize the keyboard shortcuts too so you can add a closer and easier one hand shortcut to open new tabs if you want to try that.

Of course, Brave can add a setting to change behavior but it doesn’t mean the way Edge does it is better when it is moving around. A button moving like that was always bad UX, only because people got used to that, doesn’t mean VT have to suffer the same awful issue, I say this because Horizontal tabs also suffer the same issue, but not as bad since they cover more space than vertical tabs, so the button gets ‘pinned’ faster.


I find that it makes more sense for me to have the new tab button keep moving down with the tabs, so an option would be great

I’ve been using shortcuts a lot since switching to vertical tabs and hearing that nightly allows you to customize them makes that even better

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I agree with the OP. If I choose to use the mouse OR am a disabled to the point where its not as efficient to use shortcuts, I’d rather have the UI option to make a new tab with the mouse as close as possible to the active tabs so I do not need to move my mouse as far away from where I am actively clicking. Plus it mirrors the way horizontal tabs work. The new tab button dynamically positions itself after the last tab.

Having it at the bottom in a static position does make sense from the perspective of it being in a singular location, but its not great from an accessibility perspective for anyone who is forced to use a mouse as their main navigation without an easy way to use a shortcut


giving us the option would be the best for everyone :+1:.


It makes perfect sense for the New Tab button to be immediately under already-open tabs – because that’s where I want the new tab to appear!

If that’s not enough reason, putting it there would be consistent with the horizontal tab behavior. The New Tab button isn’t way off to the side – it’s next to the open tabs, right where you want the new tab to go. Apart from being a sensible place for it, it’s also where users are used to finding it from years of experience across major browsers.


:point_up: :point_up: :point_up: I stronglyy support this request!! New tab at the top or durectly below the last open tab would be great!

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I would like to be able to double-click or middle-click on the open space in the tab bar to open a new tab! :slight_smile:


+1 on this. I have to begrudgingly use Edge at work, and I use vertical tabs there, and it’s 100% muscle memory for me to look for the new tab button right below the last tab, and I curse Brave every time when I have to move to the bottom of the toolbar to get that button clicked. Simply add an option to let us choose where we want that new tab button, and everyone will be happy.


why not flip the entire tab bar?
i would like the new tab button at the top, and for each new tab to open at the top, pushing down the older tabs.

this has the added benefit of confirming that a new tab has indeed been opened when you click a link, and not haveing to scroll down the tab list to double check.

I would prefer the new tab button to be at the top - directly under the bookmarks bar. There is one of two things I do when opening a new tab: 1. type in a search / web address (no problem, as the cursor is already in the address bar), or: 2. Open a bookmark.

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Honestly if the option was there to choose that would be great (top, bottom, under tab). Another option is allowing a double click on the tab panel to open a new tab.



  • when the vertical tab sidebar is expanded, have the new tab button directly to the right of the “Minimize Tabs” button. It can look exactly as it does now (a + followed by the words “New Tab”.)
  • when the vertical tab sidebar is minimized, have the new tab button directly below the “Expand Tabs” button. It can be abbreviated to just a + sign, removing the words “New Tab.”

This compromise solves the recommendations from above:

  1. Gives consistent UX design where the button doesn’t move depending on how many tabs you have open. The button is always in the exact same spot.
  2. Reduces the distance from tabs to “New Tab” button, eliminating the mouse travel distance.
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+1 for this feature.

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Let’s say you want to open 3 new tabs at once. With the new tab button stationary, as it is now, you just click, click click! If the button moves under the newest tab every time, you have to keep moving your mouse down.

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It would make much more sense to have it at the top above or below the pinned tabs. Don’t assume people have less tabs than their screen height.

Most people that use brave for work or anything intensive have a lot of tabs, and what is suggested at the OP is basically the same as what we have now.
Having it at the top, not moving is the best UI decision in my opinion.


That’s the one! I don’t like how I literally walked in to work this morning and had to mad scramble “where are my tabs!?!?!?!”

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Honestly I wouldn’t mind this either, I would just like the ability for a choice

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They should move the new tab button for horizontal tabs all the way over to the right so that it doesn’t move each time you click it. This would be consistent with the way it works for vertical tabs.

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