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I just installed and set up Brave this morning. I’d tried it some years ago and found it lacking and uninstalled it.

Recently I was disappointed by Firefox…yet again and went looking for a replacement after 12 years of using Firefox very nearly exclusively.

I installed Vivaldi and it’s a fine browser with lots of options. I’d tried it also several years ago but wound up uninstalling it and going back to Firefox.

Today, for some reason, I thought I should try Brave again.

Wow! I am really impressed! This browser is fast! Isn’t bloated with a lot of features I really don’t need. Allows me to add the few extensions I really need and did I mention how fast it is? :grin:

Anyway, I am really liking this browser and have made it my default, (after uninstalling Firefox)!

Thank you to the founder and the devs and all who work on this browser.



We’re happy that you’re happy :slight_smile:

I certainly am and will be putting it on my “Recommend” list!

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OK I am very happy about this