Not Importing All Favorites

Brave did not import all of my favorites from Edge when first installed. I manually did an Import but still missing the same favorites. I then exported the favorites from Edge and checked it for the missing folders. They were there. When I Imported the file, the folders were still missing.
I was able to copy the folders over.

Can you tell me what folders/favorites didn’t make it into the browser during the import process?

On my favorite bar I have a “Tech Stuff” folder. In that folder there are a bunch of links and 10 folders.
The folders “VS Stuff” and “Channel 9” did not transfer over.
And now that I am actually counting the links, 2 of the 52 links did not copy over either.

Is there a size limit of the number of links you can put in a folder?

No, not at all.
If you initially did this using the built-in importer, can you try exporting and importing your Edge bookmarks as an HTML file again? I would recommend deleting all your Brave bookmarks first before trying to import again.

Same thing happens…

It must have something to do with the way Edge structures their bookmarks. Let me ask a few team members that may know – appreciate your patience.

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