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So as the family “computer guy,” I often get tasked with helping people move from one computer to another etc.
Mom’s laptop is no spring chicken, but it runs Win10. Unfortunately, she’s all-in with google, and this includes their browser. How do I migrate her bookmarks over from it to the current brave version? all I see are posts/threads on this topic referencing the legacy version, and while that’s installed there, I don’t often have access to it except when I’m asked. So, Upgrade to current v0.55 or whatever is the current, and then move her chrome bookmarks over, get her up to speed on shields/scripts and pray she doesn’t re-install chrome is what the process looks like. am I mountaining a molehill because I’m a linux/osx person?


@heysoundude, thanks for reaching out! I feel you on the “family computer guy” front!

After you install the latest Brave build you’ll be greeted with a Welcome Tour where you’ll have the chance to import bookmarks from other browsers. Select Chrome and Mom’s good to go!

Note: If for any reason the bookmarks don’t seem to transfer, try the following:

  1. Launch (Mom’s) Chrome
  2. Navigate to the Chrome Bookmark Manager
  3. Click “More” option on the top right and select “export”
  4. This should export the bookmarks as an HTML doc.


  1. Launch Brave
  2. Open Main menu --> Bookmarks -->Bookmarks Manager --> Options (top right) --> Import
  3. Select the HTML file output by Chrome

Once again, Mom should be good to go! Hope this helps!


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