Importing Brave bookmarks from my old PC

My PC with Brave bookmarks is seeing the doctor but may not be revivable.
Got a used Win 10 laptop and want my old Brave bookmarks on it.
Went to Import bookmarks and there was no option to import Brave one’s from a different PC. There are only other browsers listed and I haven’t used any of them in ages.

Clicked on import bookmarks and options didn’t include “old Brave.”

Would like a link to import my Brave bookmarks from previous PC.

Using Win 10 laptop and Brave version downloaded yesterday

You can’t directly import bookmarks from one PC to another, so you have only two options:

  1. Use Brave Sync
  2. Manually export bookmarks to .html file, transfer it to the new PC and import in Brave using Bookmark manager.

@taxicoy Based on your description, I guess you may not be familiar with the process. In order to import anything, you first have to export.

So on the old computer, you’d have to go to Brave and to your Bookmarks Manager, brave://bookmarks/. Then hit three dots on upper right and choose Export Bookmarks


This will have you create a save file, such as:

You’ll need to name it and choose a save location, such as on a flash drive.

Then on the new PC/laptop, you would put in that flash drive, open Brave, go to Bookmarks like I said prior, and this time choose Import Bookmarks. You’ll find the save file you had from when you did Export Bookmarks and it will load it over.

Thank you. Possibly, I can get my PC going again and do that. I’ve been babying my Win7 - sure don’t like Win 10 or 11. : )

Thanks. I’ll be doing sync or the html route when I get my Win 7 back. : )

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