Transfer Brave bookmarks to a Brave browser on a new computer

I studied the help center and could not see this specific issue. I am 80 years old and not very literate. I have extensive folders, sub-folders and URLs on my current Brave browser, and would like to transfer that entire structure to my new computer’s Brave browser. Secondarily, I would like to commend the company - I am so much a fan of this browser. tom

Thank you. I may have taken a novice step in doing what you said, but it worked flawlessly. I exported the bookmark to file and then emailed the file to myself. On the new computer I opened the email, and placed the attached file into a sub folder of documents> bookmarks. I then opened the Brave browser and chose import Bookmark, identified the new file, and all of my extensive bookmarks appeared on my browser. Thank you for the rescue.

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