Importing bookmarks from config files? Export not possible?

I was using the latest Brave in Linux Mint, but the OS crashed and I cannot load it. But I do have access to all the files, eg:
Now I’m using Brave 1.30.89 in Windows 11.
How might I be able to import at least the bookmarks from that old installation into my current one?

It looks like you’ll probably find the bookmarks in .config/BraveSoftware/Brave-Browser/Default/Bookmarks. I’m not sure if this will work, but, if you have a fresh profile in Windows that you don’t need to preserve, you could try something like: exit Brave, copy the file from Linux into its analogous place there, and then start Brave back up and see if it sees them.

Otherwise you might try something like this, a JSON to HTML conversion; after which you’d import the HTML file into your Brave profile on Windows.

Here’s a similar discussion:

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Oh holy cow! The second-to-last comment in that “similar discussion” you linked, recommended uploading the “bookmarks” file from my Linux install here:

and it created a parsed HTML file that I simply imported into my Windows browser! Worked simple and perfectly!
I searched for similar topics and couldn’t find one, so started this one – I’m so glad you were able to point me there!
Thanks for the reply!!

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