Importing Bookmarks from Chrome wrongly changes all bookmarks in Chrome also. Chrome and Brave appear to somehow be wrongly linked such that when you import bookmarks from Chrome into Brave, it then changes the original structure of bookmarks in Chrome

Description of the issue:
I wanted to import all bookmarks from Chrome, Edge, and the old Internet Explorer into Brave. Brave allows this to be done. Once I wanted to complete this task, I wanted to then go back to the old Internet Explorer and delete all its bookmarks because since I would then have them in Brave, I would no longer need the same bookmarks in the Old Internet Explorer. I no longer planned to ever use the old Internet Explorer any more. I could do this because I would have imported those old bookmarks into Brave. I then did the same thing with Edge. Again, once I imported Edge bookmarks into Brave, I wanted to then go back to Edge and delete all its bookmarks and no longer ever use Edge again. I would have been able to do this because all the Edge bookmarks would now be in Brave. And then, finally, I wanted to do the same thing with Chrome. I wanted to also import all the Chrome bookmarks into Brave. So, I proceeded to accomplish the import of these three other browser’s bookmarks into Brave. When the task was done, I went back to Import Explorer and deleted its bookmarks (that were now in Brave). I mothballed Internet Explorer, never intending to ever use it again. I also went back to Edge and deleted its bookmarks (that were now in Brave). I also mothballed Edge, never intending to ever use it again. Third, I went back to Chrome to do the same thing. This is where the problem occurred. I did not want to delete or change in ANY MANNER the organizational structure of my bookmarks in Chrome because I was going to continue using Chrome in parallel with Brave, since I didn’t know how stable and bug-free Brave would be. When I went back to Chrome, the entire organizational structure of my bookmarks in Chrome were changed to look like what I had just imported into Brave from the three different browsers. This was a horror. I had not wanted to impact in any manner what my bookmark organizational structure in Chrome looked like. Somehow Brave and Chrome are linked (and should not be) on bookmarks. The Chrome bookmark structure was changed to now look like what I had just imported into Brave. This was terrible. I didn’t want to change Chrome at all on its bookmark structure. But now the problem started getting worse. Gradually a large percentage of the bookmarks in Chrome started to disappear. So, now, not only did importing bookmarks from Chrome into Brave change the Chrome bookmark structure, but also bookmarks started to unexplainably disappear. They also started disappearing in Brave as well. After a period of time, the whole structure of bookmarks in Chrome looked like a skeleton of what my original Chrome bookmark structure looked like before I imported them into Brave. Brave’s bookmark structure also started having the bookmarks disappear in like manner to what was happening in Chrome. This problem is a real disaster for Brave. You should be able to import bookmarks into Brave from any other browser and not affect the other browsers’ bookmark structure at all.
How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Open Brave Browser
  2. Go to the three horizontal bars in the upper right corner. Hovering over it yields a hover label called “Customize and Control Brave”.
  3. Go to dropdown “Bookmarks”. Then “Import Bookmarks and Settings”.
  4. Import Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Internet Explorer, and Google Chrome bookmarks.

Expected result:
Import each other browser’s bookmark structure EXACTLY as it looks in each of those other browsers, but NOT affecting the other browser’s bookmark structure AT ALL. There should be no feedback from Brave into any of those other browsers that would somehow change the bookmark structure of those other browsers. And, the subsequently imported bookmarks now in Brave should look exactly as they were in the other browsers. And, there should be no change in the structure of bookmarks in the other browsers. And, finally, there should not be a gradual deterioration and loss of imported bookmarks in Brave, and certainly no deterioration of loss of bookmarks in the original structures of bookmarks in those other browsers.
Brave Version( check About Brave):
Version 1.20.103 Chromium: 88.0.4324.152 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Additional Information:
After doing this import, my Chrome bookmark structure was completely destroyed. I’m very upset about this. This is a major problem in Brave.

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