Sync search engines to mobile

Problem Description

I would like to be able to sync search engines to my iPhone in Brave Sync. However, at this time, the list of search engines appears to be hardcoded in.

Feature Overview

Add the search engines present in the desktop of version of Brave that I’m using to the list of available search engines found (in the iOS app) in Settings->Search Engines->Standard Tab or Settings->Search Engines->Private Tab, along with under “Quick-Search Engines”.

This could be the start of adding custom search engines to Brave’s mobile version, as it is arguably easier to start the process on desktop/laptop and have it trickle down naturally through Sync.

User Experience

  1. User adds a search engine on the desktop version of Brave in their sync chain.
  2. That search engine gets sent to Brave Sync, assuming the user has “Settings” or “Search Engines” selected in their Sync preferences.
  3. The search engine appears in their mobile search engine list.

Related Issues

Basically, this issue should help resolve the issue of end users wanting to add custom search engines to Brave on mobile versions of Brave.

I want this too. And also there’s a regression in that I cant set default search to shortmarks on newest brave on my new phone.