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There is a great feature on the iOS version of Brave that I find myself using a lot, however I cannot seem to find this feature on the desktop version.

The feature in question is the ability to change the search engine on the fly, when searching something as per the image below. Having this feature saves time and clicks when searching across multiple different search engines (since each search engine yields different results).

I think this is a great feature, as having the convenience to switch search engines is incredible! Since the feature is already on the iOS version, and works flawlessly, would it be possible to replicate this on the browser version?

If this feature is already available on desktop, please could someone point out where I can access this feature or enable it? I can’t seem to see this, so any help would be greatly appreciated!

Love all the great work being done by the Brave team,

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Since I use Brave as my default browser, every time after I access a certain web by typing on a search line bar ; it will automatically be displayed beneath my search engine bar. No matter I used Nightly or Brave, they will line up.

I don’t think there’s any option to do that on the desktop browser but for sure there’s a search engine which has this feature!

Whenever you search something on this engine, on the right side there will be a different search engine icons just like you mentioned in your post, you can click on any of them and get the desired results.

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Awesome mate thanks for that!


This feature is necessary in Brave desktop version.

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