I'm not getting my rewards

Hello, good evening.
I have been having problems with the rewards. I live in Canada. I bought a phone and started from 0 with Brave (last year). I already had an account before, although I did not link it in any way to my current one, as I come from another country.

Between March 28 and yesterday, I received 82 ads (the phone keeps track). Throughout the month, there have been many more, but my phone did not keep the count. (At the time I am writing this, I have gotten 3 ads, I will upload screenshot).

Because it was giving me different BAT numbers, I recorded a video (March 13rd) where it shows I had 4 BAT to collect (I’ve had a lot more than 82 ads after that) I’ve only gotten 2 BAT in this month of April, and I’ve had that amount on average for a long time. In fact, since I got the phone (November 19th) I use brave, and I have received this amount of ads (82 in 9 days, or around) and all the I got is 22 BAT. Not even enough to verify my wallet.

I will upload anything that is required or to verify any data

Here is a screenshoot of a screen record I did trying to film a bug. (notice that I had 4 Bats already and k received just 2, two weeks after)

The app info showing the amount of ads since March 23rd

My brave rewards after the last payment

And my very last screenshot just before send this. I got 5 ads in the process of write this. It’s so nice, but I feel like I’m not getting the money :frowning_face:

Sorry for the length and thank you so much for the help!

relatively the same issue here…

Hi @Marianodb and @Farouk, payments are still processing April 2021 Brave Ads Payout Status.