I'd like to know why the Gemini card is no longer on my front page

And why does it say connected and not verified any more?

It does disconnect automatically after every 90 - 120 days for Account security. You’ll have to try connecting to Gemini again. If the button for Gemini is greyed out then wait for 1.48.X update / check for latest update if on PC.

I’m in the US and I am verified I’m just trying to find out why the update got reed of the card on the front page and it no longer show me as verified but connected.

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I see. Well it happens sometimes on my device as well, restarting the browser does the trick though. It happens on my Android only, haven’t seen it happening on my Windows yet.

I’m using Windows 11 but this has also happen on my laptop that has Windows 10 both after the new update v1.48.158 and I have restarted both and it did not help

Well. Did you have to click on ‘connect’ and manually connect it or did doing something got it connected automatically (means without going to OAuth page for Gemini)?

I was already signed in when I got the new update maybe someone from the Brave team will let me know something

Well I guess. @chriscat could you take a look into this. I know there have been a considerable number of people having this similar issue (me too) and you were looking into this already.

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Thank you for your replies and trying to help

Same thing. What happened is we’re now in the versions where people don’t earn vBAT anymore. This means there’s no more Unverified vs Verified. It’s just you’re either connected to a custodial partner and earning BAT or you’re not connecting and will be unable to earn BAT (for yourself, it still auto contributes behind the scenes, but won’t show balances)

Card still exists. You may need to toggle it on. I’m assuming you’re talking about the card on NTP, right?

I’m talking about the Gemini card I usually have the Gemini card the Brave Rewards card and Brave talk card now I only have the Brave Rewards card and Brave Talk

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I have the same problem since update. The card is gone and no way to add via the “customize” settings. I only have Rewards and Talk.

@Doug1 @croesset They got rid of all of those. You just have the Rewards card like I shared, which is what I originally thought you were talking about.

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Thank you for your help

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Replying to keep the thread open. I will say this was great to have a crypto widget that kept track of my balances. Will there be an option to read-only balances?

Why? It was asked, answered, and marked as solved. This means time to go create your own topic. Perhaps to do it under #brave-feature-requests if it’s something you’d like.

Nothing discussed of it now. They got rid of cards but haven’t really had discussions on it.

Anyway, I’m closing this topic since OP’s question already has been addressed.