Trying to transition from vBAT to connected custodial account environment

I’ve been using Brave Rewards for years. Have received rewards in the past routinely under the vBAT environment.

With the upcoming changes, I set out today to have a verified and connected account.
But the Connect button on the Rewards panel does nothing. Also View Statements does nothing.
Clicked on the Link to Gemini and that resulted in the Gemini page. So I opened an account and is now verified. But how does the connection get made and stuff transferred?

Looked like I needed a Brave Rewards Wallet. So I think that is now setup, at least looks like the backups are possible… Still don’t understand how this is all connecting to get BAT to Gemini?

I’m looking for what are my next steps to get Connected and not loose the current BAT?
Hope this is in the correct group.

OS: macos 13.2.1
Brave: Version 1.49.132 Chromium: 111.0.5563.147 (Official Build) (x86_64)
Brave Rewards Profile: I don’t know what verified means or how.
Connect to Brave Rewards Profile: I don’t know what this means.
Payments: Have received deposits of vBAT for years.
Supported region: Yes and for Gemini
SafetNet: Yes
Auto-Contribute: On, why would I turn this off?

Are you from the US?
If not, you simply can’t connect to Gemini in brave rewards even if your Gemini account is verified.

You’ll find info at

Yes, in the US.
Thanks for the reply.

You click on the connect button → click Gemini → Log in → Do the Authenticatuon process if 2FA is on.
That is how it goes. You’ll see something similar to this once connected to Gemini.

Nope. You don’t need Brave wallet in able to receive brave rewards.
If you mean you created a Brave rewards profile then, yea. Obviously you need one to earn rewards. Don’t confuse brave wallet with Brave rewards.
Both are totally different from each other.

This is the display after clicking on the Reward triangle.

Click on settings button…

The Connect button does nothing.
Months ago I could follow those steps and get to the Gemini create/login, but not any longer.

I’ll tag @SaltyBanana to assist here. This seems to be an issue best looked into by the support team.

You have Rewards disabled. You must enable rewards to start getting them.
Maybe that’s why you cannot connect.

Once you enable rewards, you will start viewing ads. Those ads are counted every month by Brave and the corresponding BAT amount will be sent to your Gemini account (around the 8th of the following month).

Thank you. I think the change is related to the shutdown coming of vBAT.

This shows that vBAT is still being earned but other functions appear to be off. I think the problem is related to the upcoming transition to the BAT system.

This shows that earnings are still occurring and being received.

Brave Browser was just updated to
Version 1.50.114 Chromium: 112.0.5615.49 (Official Build) (x86_64)

Now the Connect button worked and logged into Gemini.
Earnings for this month are showing as in the previous months.

Took a few minutes for the 67 BAT to show up in Gemini balance in USD.

Will see how the 4.775 BAT show up in a couple of days.

Expect to close out this thread by Monday.
Thanks everyone for you input.

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So far the 4.775 BAT are not appearing anywhere. Not on the Rewards panel and not in Gemini.

You should raise a ticket at

Thanks for the info. Done.

But then if we don’t have the account connected to Uphold, we don’t get BAT anymore to our Brave Rewards account? Or how is it going?


The browser update fixed the Connect button which now works.
The BAT, at that time, was transferred and appeared in the Portfolio/Transaction list of Gemini within an hour or so.

But the March rewards are still MIA.
The Brave ticket was opened and Brave did respond. The response… it was fixed and should be appearing. That was yesterday.
I responded back with still no evidence of March BAT being on account anywhere.
The March rewards is still an open unfixed issue.

Yea if not connected to Uphold /Gemini, you’re no longer eligible to earn rewards

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They might get paid next month, in next payout probably. That’s until they said they’ll send that amount shortly.

I’m seeing that I’m getting Brave Rewards ads but they’re not adding up. So if the wallet is not connected to Uphold/Gemini, do they not add BAT as is happening to me? Are the accumulated funds lost? It has not been very clear to me, I found out this month. Thank you.

Yes. That’s cause vBAT deadline has started from February.

Yes. If you don’t connect to Uphold /Gemini before end of April they’ll be lost.

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