I want to save as a pdf but the browser show this to me, how can i fix this?

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Hello @catcastle

make sure this is enabled

Hello @justsomeone1

already enable it. Still the same problem. nothing change.

i tested it with this link and it work

could you try and see if it work or not

if it did not work could you disable all extension and see if it work or not

just to be clear if there any misunderstanding. I am trying to make a web page save as a pdf by using the print option so i can print out later if i need it.

that really help thanks @catcastle

could you disable all extension and see if it work fine or not ?

Ok i have disable all my extension & try to use the print option and the message still there.

could you try to create new profile to test if it work or not

go to menu then create a new profile

still the same.

let me ask someone from the team to help you here


could you help us here and have a nice day both of you

I’ve actually never seen this issue before. Do you have a default printer you use at home that is set in your PC Settings?

no i do not have a printer. this issue arise when i was at the print option trying to customize the layout , the margin,scale & etc for a web page that i wish to print but i cancel it and try again the second time which this message appear and now it stay that way.

Can you please tell me what Operating System you’re using?

The Operating System that I used is ubuntu 18.04 LTS.

It appears that this is a Chromium bug that is not uncommon in chromium or Chrome browsers. What other options are shown in the Destination drop down box?

Forgive me but i do not understand what you mean by Destination drop down box. However, when you write about Chromium, i did not have any issue with the print option.

he mean this

Screenshot from 2020-10-08 19-36-56

what are the other option on that menu

  1. Save as PDF
  2. Save to Brave Drive
  3. See more…

What does selecting either of those other options do?

  1. It’s show like the first picture
  2. Nothing
  3. Give me an option written there “Select to destinations” and the only option I have is “Save as PDF”