Brave Print can only save to PDF

Version 1.59.124 Chromium: 118.0.5993.117 (Official Build) (64-bit) on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS with XFCE. Software last updated using GUI Software Updater Thursday 27th Oct 2023
CUPS 2.4.1 and desktop/laptop Printer handling both operating satisfactorily
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Brave printing does not see my printers any more since the last update.
The only selectable option is Save to PDF. PDFs thus created and saved outside of Brave to my local laptop print satisfactorily.
Using the See more… option brings up a dialog box with Save to PDF only; search yields no result; Manage button is non-functioning.

CUPS 2.4.1 allows test print: result satisfactory.
Local apps like LibreOffice 7 and Document Viewer print satisfactorily
Mozilla Firefox 119 prints satisfactorily

What has changed in the area of printing, CUPS or networking that may explain this loss of function?
What needs to be done to restore proper function?

What? Today I tested printing again and found under “See more…” that my printers now appear and I can select them to print.

I am now more puzzled than before: printers were not found last week but were found today.

They should have been there. Not sure if you had a small glitch/bug or if just perhaps overlooked it. Actually have dealt with a number of people lately who are assuming things are gone just because design changed. Menus are sometimes being “hidden” a couple steps further. So not sure if that’s what your situation was or what? But glad to hear is resolved for you

I agree that they should be there, but I checked today in the same way that I did over the last week, and they appeared as expected whereas earlier the printer references simply did not appear.

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