Printing bug in Google Sheets

The Printing method in Google Sheets does not work using Brave Browser whereas it does when printing a Google Doc.
In the Chrome Browser, a dialogue connects you to Chrome Print Dialogue, which offers printers, etc.
In Brave, the print dialogue attempts to print only to pdf.

Seems to be an old issue, Github report below.

The last comment in Github seems to give a workaround until developers fix the issue, you might like to give it a try:

To anyone else who is having this problem in 2021:

  1. Click the brave lions head icon in the url bar to edit the brave shields settings
  2. Click “Advanced view” if you don’t see the fingerprinting drop down menu
  3. Change the fingerprinting drop down menu to “Allow all fingerprinting”
  4. Printing directly from Google Sheets should now work.

yes it works! Thanks for the info!

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