Printing from Google Docs

I am experiencing the exact same issue as detailed in this post. It is “Closed” but this issue persists on my latest version of Chromium Brave:

Please advise if there is a solution, I have not yet found a solution and it is SUPER inconvenient and annoying to do while processing many documents.

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Hello I’m not going to even pretend I have a answer to the question that have been asking myself for at least 8 years or so… SMH… The only way I have ever been able to print without a problem has been PC to printer and running Windows :angry::angry::angry::angry:. I really stop trying to find the answer and now I’m one of those people that doesn’t mix my softwares with hardwares. Android phone , Android tablet and Android TV. I deem those as items to play with and not work with. As far as Brave goes the are software company ( and alot more B.A.T!!!) and I think they have alot of bugs/growing pains to get out of this project before it gets better. I had the worst time getting passwords, AutoFill and I’m not going to start on Sync of death. Good luck and I think your figure it out( that’s why I booked marked it. Lol) Good luck @Bohemian :sunglasses::sunglasses: .I have also attached video and a link to some going through the samething I believe as you. Here the link if you want to read that thread from GitHub.
Link right below…

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