I want to reset my pc can i save my bat in brave without going for a wallet

Please help.I want to reset without creating a uphold or gemini account as the process is very long what to do

yes you can,
go to C:\Users[your pc user]\AppData\Local\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\User Data\Default

and backup the "“Preferences” file.
or to be sure just back up everything within the “BraveSoftware” folder you find in the Local directory…

after resetting pc, just restore those files in the same directory replacing the files present there upon brave reinstallation.

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Thanks but just for confirming have you tried it?

This method? Yes, but just once because all my other wallets are old wallets back when brave browser is new. Back in the day, brave allowed backing up the wallet secret key, which you will just supply to restore your rewards wallet. But now, that is disabled already so the only solution is what I have suggested. As said, I only done that method once, but that is working as per other people here who also did the same exact thing.

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Thank you very much.Helped a lot

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Where I can find this file on linux ?

I’m sorry. I’m not a linux user, we’ll just have to wait for others to come by if they have info on this.

@osir rather than copying the one specific part of the folder, it’s best to copy the ENTIRE /brave folder and move it over. Doing this will not only move over your vBAT but it will also move over other information.

So look for wherever you have Brave installed and then move it all onto a backup drive. Then get other computer (or your reset device) going and move it on over. Everything should be fine at that point.

@technogenius ,

BraveSoftware directory:


Schedule GoodSync backups:


Schedule WinZip backups:


Mac OS users:

/Users/[username]/Library/Application Support/BraveSoftware/

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