Brave Rewards Backing up issue

Hi, i have about 5 BAT on my brave rewards. I want to reset my pc. I tried to connect with brave android but brave rewards didn’t synced. And because of Uphold wallet i can’t back my seed manually. Also i can’t create an uphold account. If i take User Data folder and bring it back after reset will my brave rewards funds come back?

Yes and no.

It will show up after. But it will not restore the wallet. And then just bug out.
So you can’t really back up the files and restore it.

Best way is to wait for the next cycle of payouts. And when the bats show up on uphold or Gemini, that’s the moment to reset the PC. Keep 9n mind, after a oc reset, you may hit the device limit if you already had 4 connected devices.

If you have no possibility to verify with uphold or Gemini, you will lose your bat on reinstall.

There is no way to back it up other than verifying with uphold or Gemini at this moment.

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