I have lost my BAT when formatting my computer

Hello friends. On several occasions I have had the need to format my laptop due to technical problems, which is why I have had to install my Brave Browser several times and on those occasions I have lost the BAT that I have accumulated so far. It should be noted that I use BRAVE from Venezuela and none of the wallets (UPHOLD or GEMINI) allow me to verify from my country. Is there an alternative to not continue losing my rewards? Thank you for your time. Best regards

Hi @eaviles1306, sorry to hear.

Unfortunately there is no way to recover your BAT if you reinstall brave or format your computer/device unless it was connected to a verified Uphold account.


Backup AppData/Local/Brave/Userdata folder.

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I am sorry to tell you it is too late to save your rewards.

You could backup up your profile in order to reinstall Brave.
See instructions in the following link

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